Tuesday, April 10, 2007

time flies...

...when you are busy! It seems that lately I'm pretty busy ! Many, many things coming up and my weekends fly by. This weekend is garage sale time. How cleansing it is to purge and make room for more stuff...lol....but actually I am making room for items I need to get to easily (like art supplies).

The weekend after next, is when my new china cabinet will be delivered. I have always wanted an antique china and this is very close to the real thing, but new. It's from the Britianna Rose collection at Ashley furniture and is just beautiful.. The design is vintage european and the piece is black with gold accents. We also got a bookcase from the same collection. In order to fit it in, I had to give up my art/craft space. However, I will be able to store my art supplies in the bottom section and finally...and I mean I have been waiting a long time for this...I can display alot of things in the top china. One shelf will be devoted to my vintage china collection...(at least my favorite pieces), another shelf is for my art collection that I have purchased from my favorite artists, and the last shelf will be for my own art creations until they find their new homes. I have to share the bookcase (its looks like 2 divided bookcases but is actually one piece) with my hubby. I will be displaying my art supplies that are currently housed in my large canning jar collection in my half. I have already done some rearranging in a hall closet for the rest of my art supplies. It will not be as easy to access my supplies as with my usual set up but the trade-off to having my very own china cabinet is worth it! When I get a chance I will take pics.

The next weekend after that I will be packing for a most fabulous vacation I have ever had. We (hubby and I) are going to VA for Art and Soul Retreat. (he will actually spend the days in the hotel room while I take my clases but it will still be so much fun) I can hardly wait.

whew, so much to do..so little time :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

My latest creations...

New collage sheets! I've been playing around with Photoshop and altered some of my collection of vintage postcards and photos. I like how my first ones came out. You can check them out on my ebay auctions.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Its that time of year again...for rose petal cakes!
I love making these cakes. They are so spring-like and perfect for Mother's day and Easter. The one to the right was a bit altered and I love how it came out. Sorry, but this baby already has a home :)
Please check back and I will let you know when I have some more to list.